Members of the Board of Directors are elected at its Annual General Meeting. It’s primary function is to provide guidance to the Executive Director on industry issues, dealings with government, and participating in various National program development and lobbying efforts as an active member of the Canadian Pork Council.

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from all 3 counties

  • Chairman: Dale Murray
  • Vice-Chair: Scott Dingwell
  • Secretary: Grant Doyle
  • Joel Van Gurp
  • Randall DeBoer

Committee Representatives

  • CPC Safety Nets Committee – Dale Murray
  • PEI Federation of Agriculture – Dale Murray
  • CPC General Meetings* – Hans Kristensen (New Brunswick)
  • Traceability & CQA – Tim Seeber
  • Maritime Pork Council – Dale Murray & Tim Seeber

*Effective December 2008, the restructured board of the Canadian Pork Council has only one director from the Maritime Provinces. As of September 2016 Hans Kristensen of New Brunswick was elected by the Boards of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick to fill this position and replace Herman Berfelo who resigned.

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