The PEI Hog Commodity Marketing Board is the representative body for the hog producers of Prince Edward Island. The mandate of the PEI Hog Commodity  Board is regulated by the Natural Products Marketing Act. established in 1971.  The board consists of  4 directors; providing representation at large.

The board continues to monitor and facilitate the export of swine from the Island.

The board is affiliated nationally with the Canadian Pork Council and Canada Pork International; regionally are a member of the Maritime Pork Council. The Marketing Board provides communication to its producer body; represents the producers on issues related to government and regulatory organizations.


Mission Statement:

The hog producers of Prince Edward Island will provide safe, high quality pork to consumers in a sustainable environment by working together to become a more economically viable industry, while maintaining our social responsibility to our communities, and provide a satisfying lifestyle for ourselves.

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